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Teeth have hard enamel on the outside but have a soft cavity, or pulp chamber, that contains a nerve inside. When the nerve becomes inflamed or infected because of a cavity or trauma, a root canal may be necessary. If bacteria enter the underlying pulp of the tooth, the tooth will form an abscess or die. This leads to sensitivity to temperature and to pressure and can become very painful.

During a root canal procedure the dentist removes the infected area inside the tooth under local anesthetic. Once the pulp has been removed the dentist fills up the pulp chamber with a sealant to prevent recurring infection. Later a crown might have to be placed on the tooth to protect it from breakage and further infection.

Although a root canal is more expensive than an extraction, keeping your own teeth is always the preferred option. This prevents the surrounds teeth from shifting and avoids the need for an implant or bridge in the future (both more expensive than a root canal).

If you have an abscess or if one of your teeth has become very sensitive, contact Austin Station Dental immediately. The sooner you get treatment, the higher are your chances of saving your tooth.

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