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What is a Digital Dental X-Ray?

What is a Digital Dental X-Ray?

Digital dental x-ray equipment uses a sensor that is used either inside or outside the mouth to take the x-ray. The x-ray is then available immediately on the computer screen. This new technology replaces conventional x-ray equipment that produces x-rays on film.

Why is a Dental Digital X-Ray Better?

  • It’s digital! The x-rays can be easily stored on the computer and shared with other health professionals. You can see how this would be an improvement over old school film images.
  • It’s instant! The sensor is positioned in the mouth, the x-ray taken and the x-ray instantly appears on the computer screen. From there the dental staff can proceed with diagnostics and patient education.
  • Remarkable image quality – through the latest technology, digital xrays provide images that are extremely clear and detailed. Much better quality than film x-rays.
  • Much lower radiation exposure for the client. There is lower radiation exposure to produce a digital image. Also, the precision and clarity of x-ray imaging often reduces the need for retakes, reducing exposure even further.
  • ‘Greener’ technology in that there aren’t x-ray films being produced and chemicals being used to produce them.
  • No more x-ray film in your mouth. An electronic sensor is used instead of x-ray film.

In conclusion:

Digital dental x-rays provide a more comfortable experience for the patient, are much faster to use than conventional x-rays, and expose the patient to much lower amounts of radiation.

Dentists love them too for their ease of use in the office as well as ease of sharing with other health professionals.

For more on digital dental x-rays in Coquitlam, contact our office at 604-931-6111.

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